Promoting the high-quality development of China's medical device industry "Medical Device Innovation Society" was unveiled in the high-tech zone

2019-07-30 16:32
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On July 11, the unveiling ceremony of the 2019 Medical Device Industry Research and Development Summit Forum and “Medical Device Innovation Agency” was held at the Qingshan Convention Center.
On July 11, the unveiling ceremony of the 2019 Medical Device Industry Research and Development Summit Forum and “Medical Device Innovation Agency” was held at the Qingshan Convention Center. At the meeting, “Medical Device Innovation Society” was unveiled. In the future, the Innovation Society will gather the most active high-end innovation resources in the fields of scientific research, development, production, investment, medical care and supervision in the medical device ecosystem, and realize resource integration and promotion. Cross-border integration to jointly promote the industrial development of high-end medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents in China. Wu Xinming, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, and district head Chen Ming attended the event.
It is understood that as one of the activities of the Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week Gaoxin District in 2019 (the eleventh), this forum is organized by the High-tech Zone Working Committee Organization Department (Talent Office), High-tech Zone Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Suzhou Science and Technology City Management Committee. Hosted by the National Institute of Medical Innovation, under the theme of “Industry Innovation? On the Development of National Machinery”, the experts attended the “How to deal with the licensing system for medical devices under the new trend”, “Technology and Innovation” Themes of medical device companies, "animal testing platform and research and development and industrialization of implantable high-end medical devices", interpret industry development plans, explore new trends, corporate coping strategies, and explore the formation of high-tech medical equipment industry "production, learning, research, Medical, supervision, and capital" collaborative innovation system.
At the forum, “Medical Device Innovation Agency” was unveiled at the same time. As a non-profit organization, the “Medical Device Innovation Society” will focus on promoting the high-quality development of China's medical device industry, and is committed to gathering the most research, development, production, investment, medical, and regulatory fields in the medical device ecosystem. Active high-end innovative resources, through the organization of various professional conferences, academic forums and other activities, deepen mutual understanding and trust among members, achieve more efficient resource integration, promote high-level cross-border integration, and jointly promote China's high-end medical devices and in vitro Industrial development of diagnostic reagents. "Our 'Medical Device Innovation Society' was initiated by several experts such as Dr. Zhang Xu from the National Institute of Medical Science and Technology Innovation. After a short half-year plan, it has attracted the heads of medical device companies from home and abroad, medical device companies. Founder, academician, professor in the relevant fields of universities and research institutes, director of the top three hospitals and director of the department, founder of venture capital enterprises, etc. More than 80 members, the gathering of these talents will play a role in the development of the medical device industry in the high-tech zone Good guidance and promotion.” Wang Feng, executive vice president of the Suzhou Medical Device Research Institute of Southeast University and secretary general of the Medical Device Innovation Agency, said.
In his speech, Chen Ming said that this year is the "project breakthrough year" of the high-tech zone. All along, the high-tech zone has always insisted on innovation as the first driving force, taking talents as the first resource, adhering to the industrial zone and talented region, and constantly making breakthroughs in the three leading industries of medical devices, new generation information technology and new energy. Especially in the medical device industry, the high-tech zone is the only area in Jiangsu Province that supports the development of the medical device industry. It has gathered the Institute of Medical Laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Southeast University-Birmingham University Biomedical Engineering Joint Research Center, and the National Palace. 10 innovation platforms, including the Medical Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute and the Suzhou Branch of the Provincial Medical Device Testing Institute, have gathered 166 innovative and entrepreneurial leaders at all levels, with more than 1,000 patents, and more than 500 product registration certificates for the second and third categories. There are nearly 200 FDA-certified and CE-certified. The High-tech Zone has successively become a national medical equipment torch characteristic industrial base, a pilot of innovative industrial clusters, and a pilot project for the construction of a scientific and technological innovation service system. (High-tech Zone United Front Department compiled report)
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